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Payroll Update (or, “Mark? This is Doug…um, we’re going to spend more than $60 million this year.”)

Brewerfan.net has updated the ’07 player payrolls…
Subtracting out those that aren’t likely to make the roster, Doug has already spent $47.874 million (I included Carlos Villanueva’s $380,000 as the last reliever, but did not include Laynce Nix’s $398,000)…players remaining unsigned and awaiting arbitration and/or a contract are:
1. SP Chris Capuano
2. C Johnny Estrada
3. IF Tony Graffanino
4. OF Billy Hall
5. OF Kevin Mench
6. SP Claudio Vargas…I know the others have all been offered arbitration and pretty sure Vargas has as well.
Some quick numbers then…Capuano will make at least $3.25 million, as will Estrada; Graffanino will get at least $2.5 million, as should Billy Hall; Mench should get at least $3.5 million (I’ve heard closer to $5 million, but who really knows these days?)…given these numbers, the payroll would reach $62.874 million, or almost 4.8% over owner Mark Attanasio’s stated budget of $60 million…and these are conservative figures…and could wind up $2-$3 million more if any of the cases actually reach arbitration.
BOTTOM LINE: Mark Attanasio is going to expect either a winning team and/or a higher turnout at the turnstiles (well, at least I would)….
David Hannes
Copyright 2007