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PECOTA Provides.

This came out last week. Brewers over Cubs in a photo finish. We have them in Runs Against by 29 runs. Take that Jason Marquis and Ted Lilly.
To be fair, I should probably include this one from The Hardball Times, which is far less optimistic. Warning to sensitive Brewer Fans who are easily made anxious by preseason predictions: don’t click on link above.
Two weeks till opening day. I broke down and bought my 9+1 Pack and the tickets arrived a couple days ago. Slick looking white schedules this year with (of course) Billy Hall on the front. I’ll be at Opening Day in section 128, and 126 for the rest of the games. Since I got the Hot Summer Nights Plan, I should have a nice view of Ryan Braun’s backside. I hope to live blog some games.