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Pepper thoughts on the Astros

The Official Brewers’ notes on the upcoming Astros’ series…the Official Astros’ notes on the series were not ready when I wrote this. Some thoughts: 1. The Brewers have won only one season series against Houston–in 1997, the Crew were 2-1 against them…I’m thinking that must have been an interleague series before the Crew switched to the NL. Milwaukee went 5-10 against the Astros in each of the past two seasons. 2. The Crew has done even worse in Houston–19-51 in Houston versus 35-39 in Milwaukee…not sure if it is because the Brewers always seem to struggle on the road, or if they are just not built for Enron…er, Tropic…er, Minute Maid Park…guess that 2-1 record at home against them so far this season is meaningless, then. 3. We get Oswalt out of the way tonight…if the Crew can somehow beat him at home, then a sweep is entirely possible, as the Astros send the very hittable Chris Sampson (2-1, 4.26) on Saturday, followed by Woody Williams (0-3, 5.90) on Sunday…the Crew goes with Capuano, Bush, and then Vargas…three good match-ups, as we send one of our best out against their best on Friday, and send competitive starters out there the other two nights. 4. Former Brewer Carlos Lee is hitting .253 so far this season, and just .174 against lefties. Look for Brian Shouse to get some work on Saturday and Sunday if Lee comes up with the bases loaded in the middle innings. Lastly, don’t forget to visit The Astros Dugout by Lisa Gray…both Robert and I are avid fans of hers…even if she likes the ‘Stros.