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Pesky Science Getting in the Way of Braun Narrative?

           (photo courtesy AP/Jae C. Hong)

We’ve tried hard to move on, honestly we have, but the talking heads at the four letter network and some other mainstream media outlets just won’t let us.  Of course I’m talking about the Ryan Braun situation.  You and I have heard it all from both sides: “Braun is innocent” and “He got off on a technicality.”  However according to this report it very well could be a case of science flying in the face of a narrative the four letter network would like you to believe to be true.

Normally just one article floating out there isn’t worth of breaking down and I may not have seen it myself had it not been for a good friend of mine’s facebook page, but this one is about as good an example of real journalism and taking the time to explain things, not just gloss over them for headline and keyword buzz, as I’ve seen in a long time.

In the article the writer, Chad Moriyama, lays out in detail what we haven’t heard yet in regards to the Ryan Braun case.  I won’t go into the detail that he did because frankly he puts it best himself, so please make sure to take the time to read it in it’s entirety.  

What I will tell you is that it shows that science and not the court of public opinion or whatever agenda a certain network may have is on Braun’s side in this case.  He does a great job of explaining the one fact that gets glossed over that we all are talking about and that’s the chain of custody.  

Moriyama explains that the chain of custody is a huge part of science, just as important as the results themselves. 

He also goes on to highlight two very huge analysts that the mainstream media use in Lester Munson and Will Carroll who lay out the scientific issues at hand and why they exonerate Braun, yet those facts that are highlighted aren’t part of the story you’re likely hearing at the four letter network or seeing on the mainstream media sites because it’s not sensational stuff and it’s technical.  

Remember, we’re all stupid and incapable of getting complicated or unfamiliar things.  But if you’re reading this you’re already a smart person, so I’m going to treat you as such.  

Will Carroll was on a Florida radio station, WEEI, a few days a go and you can hear his case for why science is behind Braun for yourself here.

All of this evidence points out the one FACT that we do know after all of this has played out so far:  We don’t know all the facts and evidence that was presented from either side in the case and we may never truly know it all, but what do know right now tells us that it wasn’t a technicality, it was science that got Ryan Braun’s 50 game suspension overturned.  I’m guessing that’s something you haven’t heard once if you’ve only been paying attention to the four letter network at this point.