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Players Pumped for 2011

There isn’t much going on in Brewerland at the moment, so I thought I would point you in the direction of a couple radio interviews from earlier this week. Ryan Braun and Randy Wolf both appeared on WSSP’s Weekly Hot Stove show on Monday night, and both seemed excited about the upcoming season.


Without a doubt, on paper this will be the best team I’ve had an opportunity to play for in my five years in the Major Leagues.


We have the team to do something special, and it’s up to us to do it. In my mind, there aren’t any more excuses.

You can listen to the interviews with Braun and Wolf separately in WSSP’s audio archives, or listen to the whole show. It’s clear that the enthusiasm for this year’s team isn’t just coming from the fans — the players are pumped, too, but also know they have to do the work. In a way, that mentality reminds me of where the Green Bay Packers are right now — hopefully the Brewers can avoid buying into the hype too much early in the season, which is something that probably got the Packers into trouble before the last month of the regular season.