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Please don’t put Billy Hall…

…on the magnetic schedule handed out on opening day.
The 2005 schedule had Ben Sheets on it…and Sheets got injured and missed most of ’05.
The 2006 schedule had J.J. Hardy on it…and Hardy got injured and missed more than half of’ ’06.
Now, a sado-masochist might want Hall on there this year to drive down his value for the ’08 contract…still, most fans want to win this year…so, just in case the ghost of Warren Spahn is looming around the area that used to be County Stadium, here are some suggestions for the calendar:
1. Doug Davis…yes, I know he’s a Diamondback now…even more reason to put him on the calendar…Doug could issue a PR stating that the schedules were printed in October, right after they were released, and before the trade.
2. Geoff Jenkins…would eliminate Ned Yost from keep playing him to work out of his slump…but mean we’d have to eat the his whole contract.
3. Craig Counsell…hometown angle…besides, you know he’s going to get hurt anyway.
4. Dale Sveum…he’s a coach now…who cares if he gets hurt?
David Hannes
Copyright 2007