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Preview: Southpaw on Saturday

Wife is taking a nap, so I had a quick second to see how the Crew is faring so far in ’07 against lefties, as they are facing lefty Wandy Rodriguez (WaRod?) within the hour…nothing spectacular to date: Only 6 Brewers have OBP’s above .400 against lefties: 1. Tony Gwynn, .750, but only 4 AB’s 2. Corey (I wear my sunglasses at night) Hart, .556 3. Greg Gross, .500–but, again, only 2 AB’s 4. Jeff Suppan, .500–in my upset special, I predict that Suppan will pinch-hit the game winning run tonight in the 10th inning, if Wandy Rodriguez is still pitching 5. K-Mench, .471, 7-for-16 with a walk 6. Billy Hall, .400, 7-for-19, with a walk So, of the 6, 5 are OF’s…Yost’s line-up has Hall batting 4th and in CF, Mench hitting 5th and in LF, and Hart in the 6-spot and RF. Conclusion: The top of the order needs to find ways to get on base tonight, so the 3-4-5 guys can get their second PA of the night in the 4th inning, instead of the 5th, and their 3rd PA’s in the 6th inning…if that happens, the Crew has a solid chance.