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The Brewers vs Dodgers Pitching

The Brewers re-heated bats are scheduled to face Jon Garland and Hiroki Kuroda in an abbreviated 2-game series before the west coast trip extends itself to the unfriendly confines of Petco Park.

Garland has handled the Brewers well in his career, beating them 3 times with a collective ERA of 2.15 and a WHIP of 1.40.

This of course, was before Yuni arrived in Milwaukee. Yes, another pro-Yuni blurb in an anti-Yuni world in which we all reside.

Anyways, in a sample size of 23 AB’s Yuni has compiled a .870 OPS, though in true Yuni-style.. all is derived from contact. 0 walks, and just 2 K’s. This begs for a visit from ever so equalizing BABIP fairy, though it’s one of the only samples of current Brewers to carry much weight as most of their current position players have less than 12 plate appearances compiled.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s action, Kuroda has struggled in the 14 1/3 innings in which he’s faced Milwaukee. Again, within limited sample sizes Braun and Fielder collectively own the Japanese born right-hander while he has interestingly not yet allowed a home run to the Brewers. All signs point to this changing as  the offense seems to have awoken from it’s cat nap and what better place to warm the bones and bats than sunny Los Angeles.

All in all this could be the beginning of a solid trip for the Brewers, despite changing time zones. Marcum is as close to a sure thing as Brewers faithful have seen in 2011 and a reformatted Yovani Gallardo will go in game one of the Padres series, in which they will commensurately face Dustin Moseley followed up by Aaron Harang. – a tang.

If the intangible Brewers Bar karma means anything to you, this could be a good week –  one that finally puts them over the neutral W-L hump.