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Prince Fielder signs long-term deal with the Brewers

It’s a move I hoped would happen, but I never thought it would. Prince Fielder has signed a long-term deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. The contract terms have not been released but reports have the deal at 5 years for $ 75 million with a mutual option for the sixth year. This ensures the young slugger will wear a Brewers’ uniform at least through the 2012 season.
Hope for a long-term deal looked lost when Fielder was unhappy with the contract the Brewers signed him to in Spring Training. Fielder said he would be patient as his time would come and it finally has.
A big thank you goes out to Brewers owner, Mark Attanasio. Attanasio has made it clear from day one that he will do everything in his power to lock up all the young stars to long-term deals. The offer to Fielder was made on Saturday along with an offer for NL Rookie of the Year, Ryan Braun.
No press conference is scheduled at this time, but I would expect something to take place this weekend when the Brewers open up their home schedule at Miller Park.
It’s been a great season so far and we’re only two days into it. A big Brewers win yesterday and now a long-term deal for our superstar. Things can only get better from here, right?
Oh, by the way, Happy April 1st.