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Prince Fielder’s Detroit Press Conference

This is going to look weird for awhile.

Prince Fielder had his introductory press conference in Detroit today, and if you’re interested in reading just about everything that was said, Brew Crew Ball has a near-complete transcript.

The highlights:

  • Jim Leyland is going with a 3-4-5 of Miguel Cabrera-Fielder-Delmon Young. Cabrera is “100% on board” with the signing and will play third.
  • Predictably asked about his dad, Fielder says “money doesn’t take care of” any feelings about the relationship with his father. He quickly brushed off the question before talking about how cool it is for him to come back to the city where he grew up.
  • He says he won’t change the way he swings to make up for the difference between Miller Park and Comerica Park. “You guys know me, I swing pretty hard.”
  • He hopes he can give his boys the same memories he had in the clubhouse as a kid in Detroit. Jayden (above) seemed pretty happy to be there.
  • On if he’s worried about switching to the AL: “I haven’t seen all the pitchers, but it’s still baseball.”

While Prince can be awkward at times in interviews, he handled himself well this afternoon. Hopefully Detroit fans will appreciate him as much as Milwaukee fans did.