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Prince Leads All-Star Voting.

Click here to vote on-line for Prince! milwaukebrewers.com reports that Prince Fielder has now moved ahead of Albert Pujols in the All-Star voting for NL first basemen. This is a huge deal because we have not had a player voted to start since Paul Moiltor in 1988. I recently did my 25 votes at mlb.com’s on-line ballot, and stuffed the box at Miller Park last night with about 70 more hardcopy ballots. It would be great if we could hand it to Joe Sheehan at Baseball Prospectus for not even giving Prince a name drop in his NL All-Stars article he wrote at the beginning of the month. About non-Pujols candidates he writes:

This is one of those positions that has three or four guys who at other times might be the obvious All-Star choice. Collectively, none of them have finished in the top four of MVP voting in every season of their careers.

Looks like that’s about to change one way or another, Joe. Joe is a long-time Brewers skeptic. Dear Brewers fans, please do the same as me to make sure Prince represents Milwaukee this year. Fill out a few ballots (at least) at every game you go to, and max-out your vote on-line! Click here to vote on-line for Prince!