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Prince Picks His HR Derby Team

It looks like Prince Fielder may have let the cat out of the bag a little early on his Home Run Derby selections. As I write this, SportsCenter is hyping up an exclusive announcement of the Derby participants, but Fox Sports Wisconsin already announced the National League participants. Prince picked MVP candidate Matt Kemp, division rival Matt Holliday, and teammate Rickie Weeks for his “team.” It looks like David Ortiz has been more tight-lipped about his selections, as I haven’t been able to find anything on the AL participants yet.

Based on batting practice reports alone, I’m picking Weeks to win it. Just for fun, here’s video of the longest shots each of the NL participants have launched this year.

Prince Fielder
Longest HR: 486 feet

Matt Kemp
Longest HR: 458 feet

Matt Holliday
Longest HR: 452 feet

Rickie Weeks
Longest HR: 434 feet

Of course, my favorite Weeks shot of all-time actually happened in Arizona last year, and traveled 462 feet:

The Derby is usually a bore to watch, but with two Brewers, it might be worth taking in this year.