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“F***, He’s Ryan Braun”

The Brewers won their third straight game this afternoon, finishing off a 4-game series win over Atlanta with a 4-2 win. The main contributor on offense was Ryan Braun, who continued to hit Atlanta’s Tommy Hanson well — Braun’s two-run home run in the first inning gave him four homers in just 13 at-bats.

Hanson was asked after the game if he’s going to change his approach when it comes to Braun, and this is the answer as tweeted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s David O’Brien (@ajcbraves):

“I’m still going to continue to challenge him. I know he has success against me. F**k, he’s Ryan Braun, he has success against a lot of guys, you know? Next time I face him, I’m going to keep doing the same thing … maybe make a couple of different pitches.”

I think I have a new favorite quote.