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Questions #5 & #6 to be answered in Maryvale

Continuing on with my 6th and 5th most important questions that the Brewers need answers for during spring training in Maryvale:

#6. Who will be the 8th inning set-up guy?
This was also #6 on JSOnline.com Tom Haudricourt’s list, although his question was with the entire bullpen.  Haudricourt believes that Carlos Villanueva is the front-runner for the 8th inning guy, but I think David Riske will be given a fair chance, as well as Seth McClung if he somehow does not make the starting rotation.

#5. Is Yovani Gallardo fully recovered…and will he live up to the pre-season expectations?
Not only is Yovani Gallardo expected to fill in and replace Ben Sheets as the ace of the staff either in ’09 or ’10, he’s being expected to do it a year after an injury.  A solid spring campaign will answer the question if he’s 100%…but only time will tell if he can last an entire season and be successful over 35 starts.