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Rain Check: Brewers Ran Out of Gomez Bobbleheads Sunday

My girlfriend and I decided to go to the April 27 Brewers game versus the Cubs to get a Carlos Gomez bobblehead.  We already had tickets to the April 26 game via a “Rivals Plan” 4-pack, and figured we’d just tack on the Sunday game too.  The Brewers are so generous and abundant in giveaways.

Saturday’s game was a lot of fun.  The Brewers won…veritably dominated, and all was well.  Surprisingly, Miller Park wasn’t swamped and the Cubs fans in attendance were polite, likely in large part due to their team’s suckage. 

Sunday wasn’t quite as nice.  Miller Park was sold out and completely jammed up.  The Cubs beat the Crew 4-0 behind a brilliant performance by Jason Hammel.  The Brewers just couldn’t get anything going with their now-everyday Sunday lineup.  Cubs fans were still polite.

Only, I didn’t get a bobblehead.  For the first time that I can remember, I got a rain check instead.  Granted, I did arrive at the ballpark gates a little late.  A couple innings missed.  But usually the Brewers have this nailed down, so I was taken aback when I discovered I would have to chase this bobblehead into the future.

There’s been little info on this since.  I thought I might see a post on the JS or something, but nada, though of course it’s only been a couple days.  Interestingly, according to the official site, children under two years of age can potentially receive all-fan giveaways.  According to the Brewers, “Parents may request a promotional item for their child on the All Fan Giveaway dates even though they technically are not ticket holders [because they get in free].”  I wonder if all the kids at the ballpark on Sunday had anything to do with the shortage of Gomez bobbles. 

Anyway, I emailed my friendly Brewers ticket representative to see if I can find out anything about the process going forward.  In the meantime I thought I’d post something on this unusual scenario, and will try to follow up on how it turns out. 

The rain check received thanks me for my patience and understanding.  I am patient, and I do understand.  I thank the Brewers for ensuring that I will eventually receive my bobblehead.  The rain check also references a time “when the additional promotional items arrive,” which might imply they simply ran out somehow.  The phone numbers provided are for the Brewers ticket offices. 

We were looking forward to our Gold Glove Gomez bobbles, but I did arrive late and I am patient and empathetic of logistical snafus.  So, if there’s anyone else out there who hasn’t received a Gomez bobble and should have, hang tight, I suppose.

I did buy a $20 Hank-the-dog stuffed animal for my grandmother.  She already has a scrapbook of Hank’s adventures, and I must say I’m delighted at the happiness a dog can bring to so many people, even if the team is swimming in cash because of it.  Well played, Brewers.

To be continued…