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Reds willing to deal Coco Cordero?

MVN’s Reds writer, Jeff Gentil, on MVN’s Redlegs Rundown, wondered if former Brewer closer, Francisco “Coco” Cordero may be “on the outs?
Apparently, new Reds’ GM Walt Jocketty is either dissatisfied with having to eat three more years of Cordero’s 4-year, $46 million contract, or believes that the market for a closer is so great right now that he could get a couple of top prospects to help turnaround the Reds.
Cordero said he liked playing for the Brewers, too:

“It was so nice to be a Brewer,” he said. “They treated me the right way, they even gave me a second chance to get my job back. They put me in the closer’s role. They brought be back last year [by exercising a club option] without hesitating. That’s why I said early in Spring Training, ‘I want to stay here. I want to stay with the Brewers.'”

Soooooo…that just begs the question…”Should Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin call his good buddy Walt Jocketty and make an inquiry about getting Coco back?”
First, what do the Brewers have left to offer? Reliever Tim Dillard, who spent some time in Milwaukee and has a good shot at pitching for the Brewers next year, is one possibility. Tony Gwynn, Jr., who is also at AAA Nashville, is another. My guess, unfortunately, is that even offering both of those guys is not enough to get it done.
Mat Gamel? Of course…but let’s not go too crazy. Luis Peña? Jeremy Jeffress? Possibly, if either are not on the list given to the Indians. The Brewers still have a few good players left to trade in their system…and they would solve their closer dilemma through 2011. Acquiring Cordero would enable them to deal Eric Gagne, if they could find any interest (maybe the Dodgers?)…and enable Salomon Torres to be a solid 8th inning pitcher.
Hmmm…what do you think?