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Roenicke Hired as Manager

Not exactly the source you would expect to hear this from, but Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times tweets that the Brewers are hiring Ron Roenicke as their manager:

Sources are saying that Brewers have hired Ron Roenicke. Too bad for Joey Cora, he deserved it.

It’s a little curious that a White Sox writer would break the news on a Brewers hire, but since White Sox bench coach Joey Cora was one of the finalists, it’s not a stretch to think he’d have information on the search.  It’s possible Cora was notified he wasn’t getting the job, and he (or someone close to him) passed the info along to Cowley.

Excuse me if I’m skeptical, though.  It’s not that I don’t believe Cowley (although we all have enough reason to be skeptical), but Roenicke was generally regarded as #4 of the Top 4 candidates.  I’ll believe it when someone more familiar with the organization confirms it.

Right now, Tom Haudricourt says that Cora and Bob Melvin were informed they didn’t get the job.  That leaves us with Roenicke and Bobby Valentine, and Haudricourt says he has reason to believe Cowley was right.

Things are going to get interesting this afternoon…

UPDATE – 2:18 p.m.: Tom Haudricourt confirms that Ron Roenicke will be the next manager of the Milwaukee Brewers.

UPDATE – 3:02 p.m.: Adam McCalvy says that money played no role in Roenicke getting hired over Bobby Valentine.