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Rumor: Capuano to replace Narveson in rotation

The Brewers will add former All-Star Chris Capuano to the 25-man and 40-man rosters after “selecting his contract” on Friday (meaning exercising a contract clause announcing he will be added to the rosters).  Capuano, 31, has a clause in his contract requiring the Brewers to activate him or else letting him become a free agent.  Capuano has a 1.59 ERA in the minors this season.

Capuano’s addition will result in three resulting moves:

1. If Capuano, who has been starting all year and is “stretched out” as a starter, is added to the starting rotation, either left-hander Manny Parra (who starts Saturday night against the Mets and is 0-0, 2.25 in 1 start this year) or left-handed starter Chris Narveson (3-2, 5.01 as a starter) is likely to be removed from the rotation and return to the bullpen.  As “Cappy” just started for the Sounds on Friday evening, it appears that he’ll take over Parra’s spot next Thursday against the Marlins on just one extra days rest…but there is still an outside shot that he’ll start over Narveson on Monday…still, coming off an injury, that is not likely.  Also possible is to have Cappy take Parra’s spot, and then Parra take Narveson’s spot next Saturday against the Cards.

2. By adding Capuano to the 25-man, someone will need to be either sent back to the minors or released.  At this point, GM Doug Melvin does not appear ready to cut his losses with Jeff Suppan.  My guess is that Marco Estrada will return to Nashville to take over Capuano’s slot in the starting rotation for the Sounds.

3. Still, Capuano is not even on the 40-man roster, so someone will have to be released to make room for him on the 40-man.  Odds are it will be a pitcher.  It would seem rather cold and heartless to release either the injured Doug Davis or LaTroy Hawkins (besides, Melvin is not ready to give up on them yet, it would seem)…so Claudio Vargas is the likely front-runner (which would also allow them not to need to send anyone down to Nashville).

Anyway, congrats to Cappy for returning the majors and Milwaukee and, hopefully, an improvement over whomever you replace in the rotation.