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Ryan Braun slandered.

I currently have open the ESPN Gamecast for the Royals v. Devil Rays and Royals reliever Ryan Braun just gave up an RBI double to Carlos Pena to put the Rays up 4-2. Big deal, I know.*
The thing is that ESPN is using The Rabbi’s MLB mugshot to represent this imposter. Not only for their Gamecasts, but on the Imposter’s player page as well.
Fear not, Rabbi fans. I will write ESPN post haste.
*For interested parties, I was paying attention because I’m a huge James Shields fan and I wanted to make sure the D-Rays’ bullpen didn’t blow another game for him.  Also, I want fantasy points!  I drafted Shields in all my leagues because I have amazing foresight, and, in the words of the great Gilbert Arenas, incredible swag.