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Second Look: Leadoff hitter? Stats say it should be Weeks

When choosing a leadoff hitter, OBP is generally considered the top factor in determining who should hit leadoff for a team…followed closely by who has the speed to steal, as well as round the bases.
In looking at how the ’07 Brewers’ ranked in OBP (those with 30+ AB’s), a clue emerges:
Versus RHP:
1. Prince Fielder, .414
2. Rickie Weeks, .352
3. Craig Counsell, .337
4. Gabe Gross, .328
5. Geoff Jenkins, .326
6. Tony Gwynn, Jr., .322
Of these 6, 5 hit left-handed…the lone right-handed hitter? Rickie Weeks.
What about against LHP? Again, the right-handed hitting Weeks stands out:
Versus LHP:
1. Ryan Braun, .516
2. Rickie Weeks, .421
3. Corey Hart, .419
4. J.J. Hardy, .371
5. Prince Fielder, .355
6. Tony Gwynn, Jr., .350
Weeks just happened to have led the Crew in SB’s last year with 25–in just 118 games. Weeks was second on the club with 6 triples (tied with Braun…who had 42 more AB’s), plus Weeks hit 21 doubles.
My guess is that–despite Corey Hart’s success in the leadoff spot last year–the leadoff spot is Weeks’ to lose come Cactus League.