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Shameless Self Promotion

It’s already been a busy day in terms of Brewers news, but if you need something to do this Sunday afternoon, you can catch up on a few things I’ve been involved with.

1. You’re probably familiar with Tweets From 1982, which blew up on Twitter during last season, spawning an entire website centered on the theme (PastKast). This year, they’re also doing Tweets From 1987, and they asked me to write a season preview for the 1987 Brewers. This is the year they break that terrible four-year playoff drought!

2. Another Cubs Blog may be no more, but they’ve re-launched as ObstructedView.net, and they asked me a few questions to preview the 2011 Brewers. We did the Q&A before the Greinke injury was known, but most of what I said still applies. We talk about the improved rotation, Prince Fielder’s future, and the Brewers’ new focus on winning. Judging by the comments, I apparently did well.

3. Fellow Baseball Bloggers Alliance member Chris Sabo’s Goggles (a Cincinnati Reds blog) also asked me to preview the Brewers. We talk about some of the usual stuff, but there are also questions on Secret Stadium Sauce and some fun at the Cubs’ expense.

4. Speaking of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I represented the Brewers in a roundtable preview of the NL Central for UCB’s Radio Hour. You can listen to the 2-hour podcast on the BlogTalkRadio page, or you can download it from the iTunes store (it’s the one dated 3/26). It’s a long show, but it’s a great listen and we had a lot of fun doing it. I come in about 50 minutes into the show as the second-to-last team previewed, and stick around for a roundtable discussion. My favorite part is Pat from WHYGAVS and James from Astros County agreeing to a Race For Last Place pact.