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Sheets takes over as Face of Wisconsin sportsworld

Ask most 10 year-olds, “Who is the best pro athlete to play in Wisconsin?,” and, almost unanimously, the answer up until early Tuesday would have been “Brett Favre.” But with Favre’s retirement, Ben Sheets now becomes the most famous athlete–professional or amateur–to play his home games in Wisconsin.
How could this potentially impact the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers, besides the potential for kids now wanting Blue #15 shirts instead of #4 in the Green and Gold? First, the media will focus in more on Sheets…particularly towards the end of summer, when, hopefully, the Brewers are in a pennant chase and Favre is nowhere near America’s Dairyland. Second, this media scrutiny could very well test Sheets’ mettle under pressure, as the bar has been raised for the Brewers, and the media will evaluate Sheets’ performance and leadership down the stretch run.
Lastly, however, is that it will likely increase Sheets’ bargaining power when negotiating a new contract next year. Will Brewers’ owner Mark Attanasio let 2008 become the year when both Brett Favre and Ben Sheets stopped calling Wisconsin home…at least during their respective seasons?