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So this is a Pennant Race

By virtue of the Cubs 7-4 loss to the Dodgers today, the Brewers and Cubs are now tied for first place in the NL Central with 23 games remaining. And if the recent homestand is any indication, it looks like the Brewers are well equipped to take charge as the season comes to a close.
The team finished up a 5-1 homestand last night by trouncing the Astros 14-2. The bats all seem to be hot and all of a sudden the pitching staff has been as dominant as it has been all year. Everyone seems to be happy with things right now, with the exception of Ned Yost’s approval rating.
The Brewers now face their biggest nemesis… a road trip. They will face Cincinnati for three this weekend followed by a three game stop in Pittsburgh, a house of horrors for the Crew. Normally, a 3-3 road trip would be ideal. That won’t be acceptable this time around. A winning trip is a must if the team hopes to stay in contention.
In fact, the team’s next 12 games are against sub .500 competition before closing the season with 11 straight against teams .500 or better. I think the first team to 85 wins will win the division. That would mean finishing the season on a 14-9 clip. Difficult but not impossible by any means.
The Baby Brewers have had all season to grow up and assert themselves as a legitimate playoff contender. It’s time to show the baseball world that the Brewers have arrived and that they are the team in the NL Central.