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Some Notes Entering the Marlins Series

This weekend is special because it is the first time in a couple of years that I will be able to see the Brewers play in my residential region of South Florida.
Starting tonight, the Brewers will begin a 4 game weekend/wrap-around series against the slightly underrated and constantly overlooked Florida Marlins. I am grateful that due to some priviledged family access (my brother works for a local ESPN affiliate) and the convenience of the yard being just 25 minutes away from my house, I will be attending/covering 3/4 games this weekend (Saturday-Monday).
Timing is everything – Any time you could face the Marlins without having to square off against staff ace Josh Johnson is time to capitalize on the ineffiencies of replacement level production and the questionable depth in the 4-5 spots in their rotation, most of which Milwaukee will face. In fact, the Marlins have still not quite determined who will even start the series finale Monday night. All of this coming at a time when the top of the (Brewers) order is proving efficient as ever- Morgan and Weeks entering this series on their respective tears, not to mention the obvious thump coming from the middle as always. And now so fruitfully extending all the way down to ALL STAR CANDIDATE Jonathan Lucroy!
 Without sounding too tright, both of these squads are fun to watch. A plethora of young and powerful hitters will trot their way around the oversized-temporary football stadium, where batting practice is just as well attended as the games themselves. Oh, and as if the games and players weren’t enough, a free concert will be given by “The Fab Four” one of the country’s best Beatles tribute acts after Saturday’s affair. As a relatively common music nut/baseball saber enthusiast, it’s safe to say that I’m marginally excited! Though, it is inherently unhip to do so.