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Some Much Needed Motivation

Sure, it’s easy to get down when you get crushed by the Washington Nationals, giving up a grand slam in successive innings.  Sure, things aren’t looking rosy right now.  But the season is far from over.  Just ask John Belushi.

There are still three games left in this series.  Monday night was probably Washington’s best chance at winning a game in the four-game set.  The Nats have won a grand total of 11 road games this year, counting last night’s slugfest.  And last night’s loss only counts for one in the standings.

The Cardinals are playing the Dodgers, and the Cubs and Astros will be busy beating each other up.  Let’s not forget the slew of head-to-head games remaining against the Cards and Cubs in September.  
It’s easy to freak out, but the sky isn’t falling just yet.  Three solid innings of Carlos Villanueva and two to three more solid innings from Tim Dillard tonight could go a long way towards restoring some confidence.  So, what do you say, Brewers?  Can you make me feel like I’m not crazy for thinking this team can still win about 85 games and steal a division crown?  Please?