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Stay Classy, St. Louis

The Brewers beat the Cardinals 4-1 on Monday, widening their lead in the NL Central over the Redbirds to 10.5 games. The Cardinals likely needed another sweep to keep their playoff hopes alive, so the series-opening loss likely means they’ll be missing the playoffs for the second straight year and the 4th time in 5 years.

Predictably, fans don’t seem to be taking it very well. The fact that their fall from the top of the division is coming at the hands of those punk kids in Milwaukee only makes matters worse. Fan frustration seemed to boil over after Monday’s game, when the Cards’ broadcast decided to show Telly Hughes’ interview with Nyjer Morgan.

Some of the reaction on Twitter from some of The Best Fans In Baseball:

I cannot wait until the #Brewers are forced to STFU. They’ll never win a playoff series. Mark it down. #disgruntledcardinalsfan

Jesus Christ Nyjer Morgan act like you’ve been on a camera before. #fuckstick #disrespect #noclass

I wonder what character Nyjer Morgan will be after the Brewers get their asses swept out of playoff baseball?

Just now decided if i had a gun with one bullet in it, i would definitely use it on Nyjer Morgan

Nyjer Morgan. Jerkstore. Hope he gets it in the ear tomorrow. #stlcards 🙂

Nyjer Morgan really is the very scum of the Earth. #stlcards #Brewers

Nyjer Morgan = twat of the year. Get him out of the pros. #disgrace to baseball

And these were just the few tweets that didn’t contort Nyjer’s name into something else. Stay classy, guys.