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Stupid B/R Trade Ideas: Fielder for Felix

I try not to poke fun of Bleacher Report because it’s generally too easy, I don’t want to drive (even more) traffic to a site that I have problems with from a credibility standpoint, and really, the kids writing there are trying their best.

But today I saw this, and couldn’t resist: “Letters to Doug Melvin: Why Brewers Should Pull the Trigger on Felix Hernandez”

Basically, the author says that Doug Melvin should Prince Fielder for Felix Hernandez.  In his words, it’s a “perfect fit” because the Mariners lack talent at first base and Felix only made $7.2 million in 2010.

Let me count the instances of crazy in that post:

1. The Doug Davis signing amounted to only a “pathetic injury.”  You know, the heart problem.  No mention of the Randy Wolf signing, perhaps because he actually pitched well for most of the season.

2. Felix Hernandez’s status with the organization has apparently begun to stir questions and uncertainty.  Presumably, these questions are “How did he get to be so awesome?” and “How lucky are we to have him signed through 2014?”

3. Seattle has “no talent at first base.”  You know, aside from Justin Smoak, for whom Jack Z was willing to stab Brian Cashman in the back at the 11th hour.

4. King Felix is a “once in a lifetime talent.”  Which is why they’d give him up for one year of Prince Fielder and nothing else.

5. Prince would give the Mariners a “face to the franchise.”  You know, aside from Ichiro and Felix freaking Hernandez.

6. Doug Melvin needs to take a chance.  You know how the Yankees came to be the league’s most storied franchise?  That’s right, they took chances.  It certainly wasn’t because they bought free agents recently or raided the Kansas City A’s in the 50’s.

Aside from the holes in logic, this just tells me the average Brewers fan is going to be very, very disappointed in what the Brewers end up getting for Prince Fielder, and it has very little to do with Doug Melvin.

Perhaps it was foolish on my part, but by now I thought most people realized the trade market for Fielder just isn’t very hot.  Buster Olney’s reported it at least a half dozen times this year.  There’s a surplus of other options this winter, and everyone knows he’s gone at the end of 2011.

But apparently, there are people out there still thinking the Brewers are going to get Felix Hernandez or some other stud pitcher.  These people are going to be upset when it doesn’t happen, they’ll call for Melvin’s head, and then talk about how Casey McGehee should hit clean-up because he had over 100 RBIs. 

All of that is fine, and they can feel that way if they wish.  I just think it’d be nice if we could stop throwing out crazy trade proposals like this one…or at least think of crazy deals involving prospects no team would ever give up.