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Sunday Night Central Links – Aug. 29
Aug. 11, 2010 - Arlington, Texas, USA - August 11, 2010. Yankees manager JOE GIRARDI during the win against the Rangers. The New York Yankees defeated the Texas Rangers 7 to 6 in a Major League Baseball game at the Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

Rum Bunter: Milwaukee Brewers As The Cast of HBO’s True Blood
There’s only one rational explanation behind the Brewers’ dominance of the Pirates: the Brewers must be vampires.  Given their problems hitting during the day until this afternoon’s game, I might just have to agree.

Another Cubs Blog: Why Joe Girardi will not be managing the Cubs
ACB slaps some sense into the people thinking that Girardi would be willing to leave the Yankees for Chicago.  I tend to agree — he’s almost guaranteed to get a nice extension from the Yanks, barring some kind of postseason collapse, and interviewing with the Cubs may jeopardize that relationship.  Girardi is still pretty young for a manager, so he’ll have plenty of time to eventually return to Chicago.  The Cubs job will likely be open again multiple times before his managing days are done.

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The Outfield Ivy: Sosa Wants His Number Retired – Should It Be?
This is something that I’m sure we’ll see come up as some of the suspected steroid users reach Hall of Fame eligibility.  The Cubs are reluctant to retire Sosa’s number for obvious reasons, and I imagine they’re going through something similar in San Francisco with Barry Bonds’ number.  At least in Bonds’ case, it seems like #25 as at least been unofficially retired, as I don’t think anyone’s worn it since Bonds left the team.  If the Cubs wanted to be diplomatic about it, they could say they don’t retire numbers of players that aren’t in the Hall of Fame, and right now, it doesn’t look like Sosa will be included in the Hall anytime soon.

Astros County: Wade’s trade history with the Phillies is “pure happenstance”
You might have noticed that Ed Wade has made quite a few deals with his old employer, the Philadelphia Phillies.  Wade claims it’s a coincidence, but as an outside observer, I wouldn’t be so sure.  He obviously knows the players in the Philadelphia system a bit better than most, and he’s probably more comfortable taking on those players than ones from other organizations.  We’ve seen the same thing happen in Milwaukee with Doug Melvin’s long list of former Rangers.

Fungoes: Rookie of the Year field clears for Garcia
The injury to Stephen Strasburg means there’s one less competitor for Jaime Garcia.  While he’s flown under the radar all year, Fungoes notes that Garcia is tied for second in WAR among NL rookies (with Buster Posey), trailing only Jason Heyward.

Baseball Digest: Albert Pujols: 400 Home Runs
You’ll have a hard time finding a Brewers fan that likes Pujols, but you have to admit that his career has been incredible.  Bill Ivie takes a look at some of the more memorable moments among Pujols’ 400 career homers.