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Taylor Green Optioned To Nashville

GreenIn a move that probably should have happened a while ago, the Brewers optioned infielder Taylor Green to AAA Nashville. The club apparently wanted to get the 25-year old Green, whose 43 games this year have been mainly pinch-hit appearances, the chance to play every day.

Even though “Free Taylor Green” was a popular movement among fans/bloggers when Green was stuck in Nashville, this move really did need to happen. Green is still reasonably young and has the potential to be an everyday player someday, and there was no use having him collect dust on the bench when regular playing time would be best for his development. It simply doesn’t make much sense to keep Green around if he wasn’t getting at least semi-regular playing time, and it’s not as if his presence is going to make or break the Brewers’ playoff hopes.

The fact that Green has done little with the playing time he got probably factors into the decision as well. In 93 plate appearances, he has hit .198/.280/.358, putting him in the red according to most WAR-type stats. The sample size is small enough that his struggles shouldn’t be a long-term cause for concern, but it’s clear Green had trouble adjusting to a bench role, which shouldn’t be a big surprise when you consider his relative inexperience. We can’t be exactly sure what has been affecting Green, but it will be much easier to work through them with regular playing time.

The Brewers haven’t yet made a move to replace Green on the roster, and one apparently isn’t coming right away. According to Todd Rosiak of the JS, Ron Roenicke indicated that the club would add a position player later this week. With the next game for the Brewers being Friday, there’s no rush.