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Teixeira signed by Yanks…good for the Brewers?

Brewers’ fans were no doubt a bit miffed upon learning that the Evil Empire, a.k.a. the New York Yankees, signed free agent first baseman Mark Teixeria to an 8-year, $180 million contract earlier in the week.  Not only had the Yankees returned to their free spending ways of snaring the best players in baseball to play in the Bronx, but it also cost the Brewers a first-round pick in the upcoming June amateur draft–the Brewers, having lost CC Sabathia to the Yankees–were to have received the Yanks’ first-round pick in compensation…until they signed Teixeira, who Elias ranked higher than Sabathia in its rankings, thus giving the Angels, Teixeira’s former employer, the Yankees’ first-round pick, and resulting in the Brewers’ getting the Yanks’ second-round pick.

But their is a silver lining, of sorts, to all this.

The Yankees have now penciled in Teixeira at first base…possibly for all 8 years, through the 2016 season.  Which means, when Prince Fielder (below) becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2012, there will be one less bidder for the Big Guy.  Yes, while the Yankees could want Fielder as a DH, odds are that Fielder will stick to his desire to be an everyday first baseman…and it is highly doubtful that Fielder could beat our Teixeria either at the plate or defensively by then.  So, even though the Crew’s pick in ’09 drops a round…their chances of keeping Prince improve somewhat.