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Thank You, Brewers

The red-hot Brew Crew has won nine straight at home and 18 of 23 overall to burst back onto the scene surrounding the Wild Card in the National League.  With 19 games left for the Brewers, anything could happen, but the moxie they’ve shown while battling back into the race and solidly beating teams ahead of them in the standings has been remarkable.  They are one game over .500 after coming back and defeating Atlanta Wednesday, and it’s going to be those kinds of efforts that will keep the Brewers in the thick of this until the end of the season: not giving up and continuing to play the game hard each and every night.     

Even with some players injured and Zack Greinke traded, the team has proven how talented and formidable they are when they get a decent start from the rotation and have a half-way competent bullpen.  It’s really, really easy to think back and wonder where the team would be right now if it hadn’t been for all those bad losses earlier on.  But in baseball, football and in life, what’s transpired in the past is done and won’t be changed now.  What the team can do is affect its malleable future.  And they’re doing it quite convincingly.  I’m trying, and succeeding thus far, to temper my hopes and expectations for the remainder of the season.  I’ve said in previous posts that all I want out of the team for the rest of the season is to come out and represent Milwaukee and the fans well and play their best every night.  Unexpectedly for most observers, their play has them back in contention for the Wild Card (the second one, most likely).  The Brewers have restored the excitement factor to the 2012 season for the fans, and they’ve rescued a miserable season from apathy to hope.  At the very least, the team is not to be trifled with.  However it pans out in 2012, THANK YOU, Brewers, for not giving up.