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Thanks, Gabe (and best wishes in Tampa)

Minutes after scoring the winning run in Tuesday’s game, Brewers’ outfielder Gabe Gross learned he had been dealt to the Tampa Bay Rays for minor-league pitcher Josh Butler.
I’m sad about this move, and I’m not quite sure why…especially since it was long overdue once the Brewers signed Mike Cameron. First, it shows a commitment on the Brewers’ part to Tony Gwynn, Jr., something I and many fans have been clamoring for for years. Also, it will give Gross a chance for more playing time with a young and exciting team. Finally, clearing a logjam at outfield and getting a prospect pitcher in return looks like another great move by Doug Melvin.
Anyway…thank you Gabe for your time spent in Milwaukee…you always gave the team 100%, even though you knew that you’d probably never be an everyday outfielder here…and that takes class.