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That One Time The Brewers Beat Adam Wainwright With Two Hits

(Photo: Mike Ehrmann)

Adam Wainwright has not been generous to the Brewers over the years.  Among current players with a fair number of at bats against Wainwright, only Aramis Ramirez (.404) and Corey Hart (.265) hit him respectably.  Although I could not find Wainwright’s career numbers versus the Brewers overall (apparently I need to be a STATS LLC client for that) I was able to find the team batting averages for the last few years:

2012 – .171

2010 – .167

2009 – .187

Oof.  With that in mind, the news earlier this week that Wainwright signed a five-year extension with the Cardinals did not fill my heart with joy.

For consolation, I reached back into ancient history to a game where the Brewers pulled one out of their hat and gave Wainwright the toughest of tough luck losses:  May 16, 2009.  On that day in St. Louis, Wainwright gave up a measly two hits.  One of them was a Corey Hart solo home run in the 2nd inning.

That home run held up, and the Brewers went on to win 1-0 on the strength of what must be the best performance of Jeff Suppan’s Milwaukee career.  As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch story noted, “The Brewers moved into sole possession of first place with their 18th win in 23 games since April 21. The Cardinals fell from first place for the first time since April 9.”  Good times.

Now that it’s official the Brewers will be facing him through 2018, it’s good to keep in mind that Wainwright can be beat.  It just takes a voodoo-freaky turn of events (or Zack Greinke).