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“That’s fine. This is my team. I love these guys.”

So sayeth the Fresh Prince of Milwaukee.
The title was Prince Fielder’s comment when asked about his forced contract, after his agent, Scott Boras, tried to bilk the Crew for more. Prince goes onto say he’s just interested in playing baseball…hooray.
McCalvy also wrote on Sheets’ first start–promising that 22 of 32 pitches were strikes…but let’s hope that Big Ben doesn’t forget that sometimes it is okay to throw balls that appear to be strikes. Sheets start on 3/03 sets him up for starting every 5th day…and would mean he’d start on opening day, April 2nd–oops, can’t let that out yet.
Also, it appears that Bill Hall will be the clean-up hitter…and he wants to join the party of Yost’s new religion–baserunning, stealing bases, and that good ol’ time religion, small ball. I think Hall has the tools for it, and having your clean-up hitter try to become a 30/30 player almost always helps the team…unless he gets hurt.
David Hannes
Copyright 2007