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The Brewers 80s Theme Road Trip

As a part of a travel day to Kansas City, the Brewers decided to have a little fun on their trip, all dressing up in 80’s-themed clothing on the flight. The players had a ton of fun with this on Twitter, posting some individual photos as well as the big group picture you see here. I tried to identify each player/team official in costume, but I know I missed a few, namely Corey Hart and Aramis Ramirez. If you see somebody I didn’t mention, please leave a comment or tweet. 
Front Row (left to right):

– I’m not sure who the first three guys are, but that’s Manny Parra in the green Nike suit and Seattle Supersonics cap. Nyjer Morgan (white beret) is behind Parra.

– Likewise, I don’t know about the guy in the blue/green windbreaker (he might be Zack Greinke), but to his right is the FS Wisconsin crew: Brian Anderson looking completely normal, and Bill Schroeder in the white suit and fake facial hair.

– I think that’s Martin Maldonado hiding behind the beige coat and afro.

– Next to Maldonado is Norichika Aoki’s interpreter, wearing what appears to be purple and green pagamas.

Middle Row:

– That’s Carlos Gomez on the far left, donning a lime green suit that has almost as much flash as his defense. (I’d still love to know where you find one of those.) The guy in the blue shirt next to him is unidentified.

– I’m not exactly sure who that is to his right with the fedora and gold chains, but he looks a lot like Ron Roenicke. 

– Next to Roenicke, wearing the polo of many colors, is PR man John Steinmiller.

– Rickie Weeks is standing next to Steinmiller, with the skull cap, sunglasses, and red vest.

– To Weeks’ right is Ryan Braun, who is looking a bit too normal to fit in. I’m not sure who the guy next to him is. 

– Next, we run into an 80’s hair band comprising of Marco Estrada (purple wig and guitar), George Kottaras (blonde with a red shirt),
John Axford (red and yellow wig), and Kameron Loe (arms raised, behind Axford and Kottaras).

– Standing next to Axford is Randy Wolf, with the blue shirt and sunglasses. I’m not sure who the two guys next to Wolf (one in black, one in white) are.

– Next to those two, in the green shirt, is outfielder Norichika Aoki.

– I think that’s Juan Perez next to Aoki (white shirt and wig), and Edwin Maysonet (Willy Wonka-ish outfit) next to him. I’m pretty sure the guy to Maysonet’s right is Jose Veras.

– Doug Melvin is standing next to Veras in the Haiwaian shirt.

Last Row:         

– Bullpen coach Stan Kyles is standing behind Weeks and Steinmiller with a blue shirt and baseball cap.

– Yovani Gallardo is behind Weeks and Braun, wearing a black fedora. Bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel is next to him.

– We already pointed out Loe, but I think that’s Cody Ransom standing next to him, wearing sunglasses.      
– Finally, Tim Dillard is the tall guy wearing the suit and fedora.

It looked like everyone involved had a lot of fun, and this gave us something to write about during an otherwise slow time for news. Nothing wrong with that, if you ask me.