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The Brewers Bar Weekly Hangover 6/15/14

Each Sunday evening we will review our favorite and least favorite events of the previous week, and share our perspective on how the team is doing.  Please enjoy responsibly.

Cheers! (Best event/news of the week)

Carlos Gomez Approves This Message: This All-Star Game campaign ad for Gomez that appeared this week was an unexpected pleasure.

“In a game that determines home field advantage for the World Series, do you want a corner outfielder playing center field?”  If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, have someone call 911 straight away – you may be clinically deceased.

Gomez is currently in line for a starting spot in the All-Star Game.  Hopefully he doesn’t get outspent by corrupt special interests.

Buzzkill (Worst event/news of the week)

Miller Park Roof Closed for No Good Reason: For the first two games of the Reds series, the Miller Park roof was closed despite fine weather.  Here is how the guidelines for opening or closing the roof are described on the Brewers Fan FAQ page:

There are several factors that determine the roof position for a game, including precipitation, game temperature, wind conditions and the weather forecast for the balance of the game. Obviously, we will close the roof when it is raining or very cold. Based on fan surveys, we will generally keep the roof closed if game temperatures are expected to be below 60 degrees…We attempt to create an environment that is comfortable for as many of our fans as possible.

Based on that, you can argue the Friday closing was justified since the temperature did drop by the end of the game.  But the Saturday game was in the mid-60s the whole time.  And really, the Friday game was tolerable with a sweatshirt.  After the awful winter Wisconsin endured, I think we can handle high 50s if we have to.

During the brutal summer of 2012, Miller Park changed its rules so the roof could stay open even in light rain.  I think another rule change is in order.  As Nick wrote on this site two years ago, Miller Park’s roof should stay open most of the time.  I concur.

Have One on the House (Brewers player who deserves a drink)

Jonathan Lucroy: I could have put Lucroy in this spot last week – he was a scorching 12-25 (.480) with 5 RBI in Minnesota and Pittsburgh.  This week he went 9-26 (.346), saved the day with his 13th inning go-ahead homerun in New York, and celebrated his 28th birthday.  As of this writing, Lucroy is second in MLB batting with .336.  Fun fact: Lucroy has only stuck out 30 times in 277 plate appearances.  Luc’s the man.

Time to Sober Up, Pal (Brewers player who made me want to drink)

Matt Garza: I feel like the term “well documented” gets thrown around a lot when talking about Garza’s inability to field his position, but C’MON.  His two throwing errors against the Reds on Friday were embarrassing.  The first error happened when Todd Frazier had reached base, broke too early for second on a steal attempt, and all Garza had to do was step off the rubber and make a routine throw.  The fact that he couldn’t do that makes me wonder if other teams should run on Garza the same way – go to second before he even starts his delivery and challenge Garza not to choke on the throw.  I bet you could get some easy bases that way.

Back on the Wagon (Thoughts on the week ahead)

The Brewers return to the road for series in Arizona and Colorado.  I don’t have a strong handle on the NL West, other than being aware that the Giants are having an outstanding first half.  The Rockies are right around .500 and started Sunday 9.5 games behind San Francisco, poor bastards.  I also feel sorry for them since they make their living in a state with legal marijuana and yet are prohibited from indulging, thanks to MLB’s archaic definition of “drugs of abuse.”  That would be like if Colorado legalized gay marriage but MLB still banned Rockies players from following their hearts.  If Troy Tulowitzki and Charlie Blackmon fall in love, who’s to say they shouldn’t be allowed to get married and smoke a big fat blunt at the ceremony?

As for Arizona, they won the first series against the Brewers at Miller Park.  Unless Bronson Arroyo is pitching all four games next week, I’ll be happy with a split.  Presumably the Arizona fans will ride Braun a little harder than usual since his admitted PED use coincided with the Diamondbacks losing the 2011 NLDS.  Maybe that’s just the kind of encouragement Braun needs to get out of his recent slump.

(Image: Associated Press)