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The Brewers Bar Weekly Hangover 7/6/14

Each Sunday evening we will review our favorite and least favorite events of the previous week, and share our perspective on how the team is doing.  Please enjoy responsibly.

Cheers! (Best event/news of the week)

Brewers Back in All-Star Game Starting Lineups: Since Ryan Braun’s All-Star Game run from 2008-2012, Brewers fans got used to one of our own being in the starting lineup.  With no starters in 2013, the game had less intrigue (unless you’re one of those folks who roots hard for World Series home field advantage).  Happily, the announcement was made this evening that Carlos Gomez and Aramis Ramirez will start in the 2014 Midsummer Classic.  Even though he’s been leading the vote for a couple of weeks, Ramirez still seems like a bit of a surprise.  He’s having a fine season, but it feels like he’s the best of a weak field.  Gomez is a no-brainer, and I look forward to him swinging out of his helmet against the best pitching the AL has to offer.

Buzzkill (Worst event/news of the week)

Brewers Repeat Season-High Losing Streak: The Brewers have avoided long slumps, so it’s funny how a losing streak can creep up on you.  The blowout loss to the Rockies last Sunday didn’t seem like a big deal since the Brewers had already won three out of four.  Then they lost two close games in Toronto that didn’t feel like they really happened since they were in the middle of weekdays while a lot of us were at work.  Then suddenly the Brewers are facing their nemesis Cincinnati, and just like that – four-game losing streak.  If it had gone to five, fans might have gotten anxious, but as it stands it feels like the kind of tough week even the best teams have during the six month MLB season.  They’ll get after it next week and everything will be just fine.

Have One on the House (Brewers player who deserves a drink)

Matt Garza: This was the guy we were hoping for when the Brewers signed him in the off season.  After a so-so start, Garza has really come through.  He was the Pitcher of the Month in June with a 2.88 ERA in six starts.  On Saturday, when the Brewers needed a win to stop a four-game skid against a Reds team that seems to have their number, Garza pitched a shutout.  It was the only win the Brewers had last week, and it was a beauty.

Time to Sober Up, Pal (Brewers player who made me want to drink)

Logan Schafer: The Brewers had a bad week, but it was mostly due to not get any breaks and a few mistakes here and there.  No one player really stood out as having a bad week, but Schafer had a real forehead-slapper in today’s game against the Reds.  He had a great game at the plate, going 2-3 and scoring both Brewers runs.  But he looked like a bloody fool on that play that ultimately was ruled fan interference.  After the fan stuck his glove in where it didn’t belong, a dumbfounded Schafer stood around with the ball in his hand while Ramon Santiago ran around the bases.  If you’re in the outfield and you have the ball, you need to get rid of the ball, plain and simple.  Throw it near infield, just as long as you don’t have it.  There’s nothing to gain by holding the ball in the outfield.

Back on the Wagon (Thoughts on the week ahead)

I understand the Phillies have been struggling lately, so hopefully the Brewers can take advantage during their upcoming four-game series.  It’s been an eternity since Milwaukee swept them on the road in April, but the Phillies have been underperforming, so it would be a load off all our minds if the Brewers could pull out a series win.

Milwaukee needs momentum going into the final series before the All-Star break against…the goddamn Cardinals.  The Reds have really been the thorn in the Brewers’ side this season, but with St. Louis I feel like there’s always more to prove.  Nothing would be sweeter heading into the All-Star break than a series win against the other hated NL Central rival.  I wish I was superstitious – if I was, I’d put a curse on the goddamn Cardinals with some voodoo dolls and Santeria witchcraft.  It might not work, but at least I’d feel like I did what I could to give my team a chance to win.

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