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The Manager Search is On

We’re bound to hear countless names connected with the Brewers’ manager opening over the next few weeks from a million different sources, but until the interviews start, it doesn’t do much good to talk about who the next manager is going to be.  Jack Moore did a good job of summing this up at Disciples of Uecker when the news of Ken Macha’s departure came out.  Still, considering that Doug Melvin’s job likely depends on this hire, it’ll probably be a long, drawn out process.  Kyle Lobner at Brew Crew Ball counts 28 names already brought up, and I’m betting he’ll have more by the end of this week.

Since this is such an important hire for Melvin, he’s bound to expand his horizons a bit.  Perhaps he’ll think outside the box, and look for candidates in a more modern way.  Maybe craigslist could help.

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Brewers Manager Craigslist