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The Messiah Cometh

The city of Milwaukee has a rich baseball history. The fans love their players and when a player is embraced as one of their own, he is inevitably given a nickname. From greats like Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, Rockin’ Robin Yount and “The Ignitor” Paul Molitor to other favorites like Jim “Gumby” Gantner and Stormin’ Gorman Thomas. 2007, has added a new name to this list of who’s who in Milwaukee baseball. His name is Ryan Braun and he is The Messiah.
Braun, who didn’t even make his Major League debut until May 25th, has catapulted himself to the top of the list when talking about National League Rookie of the Year candidates. In only 43 games, his numbers are so good it’s scary. He is batting .349, has 13 home runs and 36 RBI. Braun’s OBP currently sits at .401 and he is slugging .680 producing an OPS 1.081.
His success, in large part, is due to his spot in the batting order. He is currently sandwiched in the 3 hole between All-Stars JJ Hardy and Prince Fielder. He is seeing a steady diet of fastballs at the plate and is absolutely crushing them. He is showing himself to be a 5 tool player and looks like he may develop into one of the most talented all-around players in the league.
Now it may seem like Braun is too good to be true and truth be told, he isn’t perfect. The biggest question in Braun’s game has always been his defense. He can get to almost anything hit his way, but the problem arises in getting his throws across the diamond to Fielder. There is just as good of a chance that Fielder catches it as there is that the ball will say 10 rows into the stands. In time of course, this should cease to be a concern.
With continued work at the hot corner and a bat that looks like it won’t cool off any time soon, Braun appears headed for a stellar career with the Brewers. Brewers’ fans are praying for as much.