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The press conference

I watched the FSN Wisconsin coverage of the Brewers’ press conference.  Brewers’ Executive Vice-President/General Manager Doug Melvin, hidden beneath a mountain of uncertainty, revealed the straw that broke the camel’s back: He asked Ned Yost what was wrong with the team, and Yost informed him that he didn’t know.
Now…when 30+ guys are all in a funk, it is damn near impossible to pinpoint a single reason…well,other than the obvious ones (“we’re losing” and “were not playing well”)…they say there are three levels of problems: Having a problem, but not knowing you have a problem; Knowing you have a problem, but not knowing what the problem is; and knowing you have a problem and what it is, but not know how to solve it.  Melvin made the move in hopes that Dale Sveum can figure out what the problem is…and hopefully how to solve it.
Melvin doesn’t know what the problem is either (and admitted as much)…but is hoping that maybe, just maybe, Yost was the problem…and getting rid of him also would solve it.  We’ll see.
Robin Yount is returning as bench coach…that, too, may be enough to spark some of the players.