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The “READ” Poster Campaign – Carlos Gomez Should Catch Actual Book

They're still around. The posters. What more could one want than Carlos Gomez robbing the careless lofting of a book? So, this is the idea, except the bookcase would most likely be in the poster. I'm not sure who I crossed off in the other poster, but, I did have fun at the library today. Here:


I thought so. How can we make this poster a reality? Do I send a pesky email to both the American Library Association and Brewers- – Marketing? Would Scott Boras stand in the way of libraries? Look at all of these celebrities, some quite relevant. Okay, good. This works.

– – – –


Also, is this logo supposed to be a pen and a bat, or does it just look crappy broken bat this year that isn't a pen and I never noticed? Carelessness, either way. I'd like to consult with the BBWAA*

*Tell them they forgot Gomez.