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The Stupidest Thing You’ll Hear This Winter

Peter Gammons on NESN:

I think one name to watch — and I don’t know if it will happen or not — but there is some talk in Milwaukee that Ryan Braun could get traded.  I think the Red Sox would jump big into that if they could possibly get him.

So, Boston, you want Ryan Braun?  That’s cool.  We’ll take Clay Buchholz and Casey Kelly.

Oh, you think that’s ridiculous?  Well so is the idea that the Brewers would trade Ryan Braun.  Feel free to ask again in 2014.

Just an open question — how long until the rest of the league realizes that just because the Brewers won’t be able to re-sign Prince Fielder doesn’t mean that they’re the “same old Brewers” that will trade away all their young stars?