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These were cheap. I’ve never had either of these base cards, before.

I've never, ever had these cards. I don't normally buy regular Topps. However, they were on sale, and there's a certain amount of anticipation because it's a bigger deal to pull a low #'d insert. It's kind of like how Bowman platinum sure are nifty this year, but the regular Bowman 2013 were more fun.

One card I've never owned was a Yuniesky Betancourt card. This is kind of a dramatic recreation of opening the pack. How can you say no? I'd like to know how many people would. Either response would be fine. I'm not sure what the stamp on the Kotsay card means. I was just in a hurry. The dog is about to get her 7:00 snack. There'd be a poem, if I were more advanced. Like, say, a Notgraphs contributor.


p.s. it sure is awfully nice of you if you went to this post.