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Tuesday in LA: Lights…camera…blister?

Hollywood was a bit kinder to the Brewers than LA was.
The big story for Brewers’ nation on Tuesday was the acting debuts of Jeff Suppan, J.J. Hardy, Bill Hall, and Chris Capuano, playing themselves on “The Young & the Restless.” J.J. “Hotty” cemented his status as heartthrob by asking a fellow cast member for a woman’s phone number…well, on the show anyway.
Later that evening, just south in LA, the Brewers’ lost to the Dodgers, 3-2. They also lost Ben Sheets to an injury. For a start, maybe two, anyways–Sheets developed a blister on the middle finger in the bottom of the 7th. Sheets is expected to miss a start, maybe two…no word yet on whether skipper Ned Yost will re-shuffle the rotation (possible due to an off day on Thursday), or who will get the start in place of Sheets…my guess will be Carlos Villanueva over Yovani Gallardo (sorry, Rob)…but we should know by next Tuesday, at the latest.