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Two birds, one stone?

Clark Spencer of MiamiHerald.com made mention last week of something rather interesting: MARLINS CONTINUE HUNT FOR CLOSER, OUTFIELDER Specifically, a centerfielder. Hmmm. The Marlins’ website lists Tank Tankersley (boy, talk about a bad nickname for a relief pitcher) as the current best guess for closer, and one Alfredo Amezaga as the front-runner to start in centerfield. Now we all know that Derrick Turnbow and Brady Clark would help the Marlins nicely…the only hitch might be…say it with me, “payroll” concerns. Yeah, the guys in SoBe probably wouldn’t want to pony up the $6 million plus to cover their contracts…but maybe the Marlins might have a bloated contract of their own? Dang, they unloaded Carlos Delgado and Mike Lowell already, didn’t they. D-Train? One bad year and a DUI probably hasn’t cast him out of favor yet. Miguel Cabrera missing the fan fest? Hmm…suppose we threw in Corey Koskie…nah, it’d never fly. Josh Johnson or Anibel Sanchez? Keep dreaming. Waaait…the Marlins are ALWAYS trying to save money…maybe send us Tank (and his trophy buck), and we’ll send you Clark and Turnbow…plus a few million? Whadda think? David Hannes Copyright 2007