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Unusual Braddock Situation Takes Another Turn

How’s this for some surprising postgame news? Zach Braddock has been sent down to Triple A, and Danny Ray Herrera is being brought up to take his place.

In the post game press conference, Ron Roenicke said that Braddock has come along well with the things the club has been doing to help him with his sleep disorder, but he’s been showing up to the ballpark late. Apparently, they’re sending him to Nashville so he can learn how to “balance things out” between dealing with the disorder and playing baseball.

Honestly, it’s hard to say much about this because the Brewers have held most of the details about the situation close to the vest. Right now, the disorder seems more serious than anyone had let on at first. Things seem to have progressed enough that they’re not just putting him on the disabled list again, but Roenicke’s latest comments make it sound like they’re still worried about his ability to cope with whatever on a day-to-day basis. We don’t know if it’s still the disorder giving him problems, if there are side effects to his new medication, or if he’s just sleeping through alarms.

Whatever is really going on, we can hope that Braddock is able to get “the whole thing taken care of,” as Stan Kyles said. I’d wish for a quick recovery, but that seems to be half of the problem here. Here’s to hoping that Braddock can just make a full recovery, because the bullpen is much better with him than without him. As others have said, though, it’s hard to imagine Braddock having an easier time coping in Nashville, given the uneven and less-than-luxorious travel schedule in Triple A.

In the meantime, Herrera won’t be a bad LOOGY option. The Brewers likely won’t notice much of a difference in their bullpen, since Roenicke was only using Braddock as a LOOGY, anyway. Those in Western Wisconsin may remember Herrera as a member of the La Crosse Loggers in the Northwoods League. Herrera was a member of the Loggers in 2005.