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Yount and Molitor in La Crosse

Brewers On Deck was yesterday afternoon, and it appears to have been a big success — attendance was at an all-time high, bringing in nearly 11,300 fans from across the state.

Among the attendees was Robin Yount, who has been busy lately. Before heading down to Milwaukee for On Deck, he was in La Crosse for the 9th annual La Crosse Loggers Winter BBQ. The event was a fundraiser for the UW-La Crosse baseball program, which has seen its funding slashed in recent years and relies on fundraisers to stay afloat. Yount was joined by Paul Molitor, Jerry Augustine, and Jim Gantner at the event.

After the event, Yount and Molitor sat down WKBT’s Ryan Rodig to talk about a variety of topics — coming to La Crosse to help fundraise for the UW-La Crosse baseball program, the 1982 team and how it’s remembered nearly 30 years later, current players they like to watch, the Brewers’ outlook for 2011, and the Super Bowl. You can watch the video on WKBT’s website, as well as the outtakes from the interview.

You can follow Ryan Rodig on Twitter at @news8ryan. News 8 Sports Director Gregg Wavrunek is also on Twitter @news8gregg, and if you want Super Bowl coverage this week, he may be a good follow — he’s in Dallas all week.