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Villanueva, Dillard stumble…now will the Brewers give DiFelice a start?

Well, that didn’t help much.

Both Carlos Villanueva and Tim Dillard pitched Tuesday night for the Brewers, both pitching four innings apiece.  Villanueva gave up 5 ER’s, while Dillard gave up 3 ER’s.

So…Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin is down to former starter Mark DiFelice and AAA starter Chris Cody to find another starter.  Oh, and Jeff Suppan (who probably should have been benched) has been diagnosed with a left oblique strain…which is a pretty good reason to have him miss a scheduled start or two.

The rotation is now:
Parra, Gallardo, Looper, TBD and TBD

DiFelice–already on the 25-man deserves a chance, just slightly more than Tim Dillard who came in Tuesday night’s game with 5-1 deficit and kept the Nats off the board until the 8th.

Hopefully, Doug Melvin doesn’t do something drastic–like trade Alcides Escobar for Jarrod Washburn.