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Weird Night in Miami

Wednesday was a weird night, to say the least:

– For whatever reason, the Brewers ran the bases like a bunch of morons early in the game.  Prince Fielder watched a towering fly ball bounce off the top of the wall in left field too long, holding him to a single instead of the sure double it should’ve been.  Ryan Braun held steady at third base with one out when Casey McGehee hit a near-double play ball, rather than doing what we were all told to do in Little League in that situation — try to score.  George Kottaras tried to take third on a ball hit in front of him and was easily cut down.  Luckily, none of these blunders came back to cost the team the win.

– Not only did Yovani Gallardo work out of early trouble, but he tied the game with a solo home run just moments after Brian Anderson essentially called the shot.  Home runs probably shouldn’t be a surprise for Gallardo by now — he has 6 in his career — but by also getting the win, he improves to 6-0 in his career when he hits a home run.  I don’t know about you, but I think he needs to hit one every game.

George Kottaras also homered…with a broken bat.  And it was a no-doubter, at least 10 rows deep.  By far one of the most awesome things I’ve seen this season, and it was likely a perfect storm of the ball carrying well in Miami tonight and Jorge Sosa throwing so hard that you don’t have to make solid contact to hit it far.  The best part was Kottaras’ “I don’t know how the hell that happened” look soon after he got into the dugout.

Carlos Gomez drove in two runs, and that wasn’t even the most surprising thing about his night — he also drew a walk.  For a guy with a .305 OBP, that’s an accomplishment.

John Axford went 5 outs for his third save of the season, and only took 25 pitches to do it.  Our obsession with The Ax’s ‘stache continues.

This was a big win for the Brewers, if a team this far out of playoff contention can still have big wins.  It was their best chance at winning a game this series after letting last night’s game get away, and it may give the team some much-needed confidence heading into tomorrow’s game, in which they have to face Josh Johnson.

That’s all I have for tonight, so to celebrate Yo’s performance, here’s Scott Hall saying “Hey Yo” for 50 seconds.

FanGraphs Win Probability

W: Gallardo (6-2)
L: Sosa (1-1)
SV: Axford (3)

MIL HR: Gallardo (2), Kottaras (5), Prince Fielder (9)
FLA HR: None