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Welcome to The Brewers Bar!

Welcome to the new Brewers Bar!

David Hannes and myself are excited about the opportunity to continue writing about our favorite team here at Bloguin.  For those of you who don’t know us, we blog about Brewers news and numbers and anything else that happens to come to mind.  For those of you who have followed us over from MVN, you’re probably wondering what’s different.

We have a new layout with a great banner, cool gadgets on the sidebars to play with, and a new network of blogs that will allow us to talk smack with Cub fans.  What hasn’t changed?  We’ll still be here weighing in on any piece of Brewers news we can get our hands on.  I’ll still be manning the Twitter account, trying to tweet as much about the team as I can (my own personal goal: hit a thousand tweets by the end of the year).

So feel free to take a look around, comment on a few posts, and gripe about Jeff Suppan’s contract or Doug Davis’ walk totals.  We hope you keep coming back, because we love comments.

Here’s to the start of a new era — I have no doubt we’ll have a blast here at Bloguin.